Bruce VIVASH JONES : “The History of Veterinary Medicine and the Animal-Human Relationship”

Auteur : Bruce VIVASH JONES

Editeur : 5m Books

Date : 2021

Pages : 624

Présentation :

This comprehensive book is an exploration of the history of veterinary medicine from the ancient world to the present as well as an examination of the development of man’s relationship with animals through early domestication, usage for food, fiber, traction, and transport to the current therapies and companion animals.

The development of the discipline of veterinary medicine is explored through the transition from art to science and man’s deeper understanding of animals through research and investigation. It is now possible to read both the recorded 4000-year history of animal disease and veterinary development together with the story of the animal-human relationships and welfare as one cohesive text, with extensive backup.

The book is organized so that it can be read in a linear manner, or for those researching a particular topic, by direct access to specific content. The species covered in detail are equine, bovine, ovine, caprine, porcine, canine, feline, avian, and aquatic, on every continent.

The History of Veterinary Medicine and the Animal-Human Relationship is both an informative read and a definitive reference text for veterinary historians, veterinary history societies, veterinary librarians, and archivists.

Sommaire :

Part I : The Veterinary Art Evolves

  • Egypt, Mesopotamia, The Levant and Persia
  • Greek (Aegean and Hellenic) Culture
  • Carthage
  • The Roman Empire
  • The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine)
  • Islamic Veterinary and Human Medicine Develops
  • East Asia : China, Indo-China, Korea and Japan
  • South Asia : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Tibet
  • The Americas : North, Central, South
  • Australasia : Australia and New Zealand
  • Africa : South Africa and Colonial Countries

Part II : Europe Develops Veterinary Medicine

  • The Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • The Scientific Basis for Veterinary Medicine Evolves
  • Veterinary Schools in France, Europe, then Britain
  • Veterinary Medicine Arrives in North America and Advances
  • From the 19th to the 21st Centuries

Part III : Domestication, Utilisation and Disease Histories

  • Equine : Horse, Donkey and Mule
  • Bovine : Cattle, Buffalo, Yak and Others
  • Ovine : Sheep
  • Caprine : Goat
  • Porcine : Pigs and Peccaries
  • Canine : Dogs
  • Feline : Cats
  • Avian Species : Poultry, Falcons, Parrots and Others
  • Aquatic Species : Fish, Molluscs, Edible Snails and Frogs
  • Other Species

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