COLLECTIF : “Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt”

Actes du colloque de Barcelone (25 et 26 octobre 2018)


Collection : Archaeopress Egyptology

Volume : 34

Editeur: Archaeopress Publishing

Date : 2021

Pages : 156

Présentation de l’éditeur :

Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt (Barcelona, October 25-26, 2018). The conference included presentations on new research and advances in the topics covered in the first two conferences (Cairo, 2007 and Manchester, 2008). It showcased the most recent pharmaceutical and medical studies on human remains and organic and plant material from ancient Egypt, together with related discussions on textual and iconographic evidence, to evaluate the present state of knowledge and the advances we have made on pharmacy and veterinary and human medicine in Ancient Egypt. The conference program combined plenary sessions, oral communications and posters with discussions that established interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers and research groups to formulate breakthrough approaches in these fields. Participation in the conference and poster sessions ranged from distinguished researchers and professors from academic institutions, museums and universities, to postgraduates and doctoral students at the beginning of their careers.

Sommaire :

Marc Argilés, Roger Sabi and Maria Soledad Marqués-Calvo, “Antibacterial Analysis of the Minerals Used for Ocular Remedies in Ancient Egypt”

Rosalie David, “Epidemics and Their Aftermath in Ancient Egypt”

Laura García-Jiménez, “Application of Oils and Resins During the Process of Mummification : Experimental Analysis and Study Problems”

Mercè Gaya Montserrat, “An Approach to Translating shrt and dArt. Compared Methods”

Roger Lichtenberg, “Palaeopathology of an Antique Population. Kharga Oasis in Ptolemaic And Roman Times”

Elizabeth Monlouis, “A Second Birth to Eternity”

Andreas G. Nerlich, Andreas Saleh, Pascale Röcker, Heike Freidank, Johannes Fischer, Michael Bock, Stephanie Panzer and Oliver Peschel, “Experimental Mummification Using Herodotus Description – A 7-Year Longterm Experience of a Human-Sized Animal Model”

Rosalind Park, “A Case for Disease Control in Captured Birds Using Hyena Saliva?”

Patrícia Rodríguez Corbera, Berta Torrents Pérez, Pablo Martínez-Escauriaza Peral, Rosa Dinarès Solà and Jesús Herrerín López, “Bone Identification and Angulometry of the Foot and Ankle in Egypt’s Mummies”

Sahar Saleem, “Egyptian Medical Civilization: from Dawn of History to Kasr Al Ainy School”

Núria Torras Benezet, “The Pure Priest of Sekhmet, Between Health and Disease”

Berta Torrents Pérez, Pablo Martínez-Escauriaza Peral, Patricia Rodríguez Corbera, Rosa Dinarès Solà, Jesús Herrerín López, “A Historical Case. Dermatoglyphic Identification of Fingerprints of the TT 11 Tomb of Djehuty Project (1069 BC TO 945 BC)”

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